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Hello from Jelena & Edyta and welcome to our online kitchen. We both share love for delicious food made from healthy ingredients. Our story begins long time ago in Poland and Serbia where we were born. For as long as we can remember food has played important role in our upbringing. Common place to hang out in our house was the kitchen where our grannies prepared tasty traditional meals. Cooking was the essential skill important for survival and was passed from generation to generation. Now days we often hear “oh I can’t cook” or “cooking is not my thing” but is that really true? We believe that everybody can learn how to cook if they have right guidance a bit of time and patience. In the past we both tried different approaches to food. For a while we were vegetarians than vegans. We also tried sugar free and gluten free diets just to decide what suit us the best. We were carefully recording how our bodies reacted on those diets. After everything traditional cooking suits us the best. Our moto is “No empty calories!” While preparing meals from scratch we often turn to the internet for new ideas: inspiration for new dishes, nutritional info about products, health benefits of food and many other things. We used to surf for hours and that is how we got the idea for apple-green website. We aimed this website for people who want to learn how to cook, more experienced cooks looking for new ideas or adventurers who want to inform themselves on food topic in general and be more conscious when choosing what to eat. Our aim is not to influence people to be vegetarian, vegan, sugar free… but to provide inspiration and solution for meals. Apple green web site is divided on few sections: • On our home page users will find breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestion depending on a time of the day • Selection of delicious recipes to suit everybody’s taste • Collection of food related articles from out blog We sincerely hope that the content of this website will help visitors to be more efficient and keep them motivated to continue cooking. Future Plans In future we hope to develop meal planner that will answer everlasting question what shell I eat? Users will be able to generate recipes for a week with shopping list. Once in place this should significantly shorten planning and preparation time. If you would like to get in touch to discuss an article or you have a recipe that you would like us to test or for any other reason please do so. We will do our best to answer ASAP. That is all for now. Happy cooking and remember the most important cooking ingredient is your flavour pallet.
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